My Lettings Fees is a comparison site for letting agent fees.

It is a Generation Rent project built by Inkleby

As a result of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 letting agents must now publish details of their fees on their website.

The purpose of this site is to make researching letting fees (and non-compliance with this law) much easier while providing a way to easily display this information to renters.


For media or general enquiries contact: danwilsoncraw (at) generationrent.org

For website issues contact alex (at) inkleby.com

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form on any incomplete council.

Data Access

The raw data on an area is available to local authorities, local renting groups or anyone wanting to do analysis on letting fees. Contact for access.

Where do you get your information?

Fees are sourced by volunteers exploring letting agent websites. If an agent has a website but does not display letting fees they are not compliant with the law.

In some cases for the purposes of completeness fees have been sourced from other locations. Where this is the case the source will be stated on the page.

If information is out of date on an agent - please use the 'See something wrong?" link on the agent's page to inform us.

How is the minimum fee calculated?

As there are so many different kinds of fees a like-for-like comparison is difficult (one agent might charge a single large admin fee, while another might charge 11 smaller ones). To provide a rough basis for comparison we generate the minimum fee for two tenants. Some agents do offer group discounts that mean they would be ranked differently when dealing with more tenants - the agent page will contain notes when this is the case.

For the 'minimum' fee we only include fees that are 'mandatory' - by which we mean unavoidable. You can't avoid a check-in fee - but you can avoid a tenancy renewal fee by moving out (but you are likely not to want to). This means the actual fees you pay an agent will in many cases be larger than the minimum. This fee is mostly to allow us to make comparisons rather than provide a guide as to your likely experience. Check the full list of fees to understand what an agent might charge you down the line.

Are these fee lists exhaustive?

As the goal was to compare the common fees on as many agents as possible, in some cases we haven't captured all of the fees charged by certain agents.

We tend to skip over deposits and charges for losing keys, delayed rent payments, etc.

There are a few examples in the system - but these should not be taken as exhaustive.


Pages for each council display median rent for different property types and regional rental index information.

Median Rent information by local authority is available through the Valuation Office Agency.

We don't make use of the historical information because the VOA don't regard the information as accurate for comparisons over time. Instead they recommend ONS's experimental Index of Private Housing Rental Prices. This compares the current rental price in a region to the price at the start of 2011 - making use of (amoung other sources) the VOA's rent information.

These statistics will be updated as new releases are made by these sources.


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